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Launch of the 101 Battery Association website.

The 101 Battery Association website has been launched for the benefit of members and as a repository of all material associated with 101 Battery deployments. It is proposed there will be ongoing developments of the website and material added at the request of its Members.

This is the first stage of what will be an ongoing re-build of the site and there is no question there will be errors, omissions and oversights in preparing the material for the website.  We ask for your patience and assistance in ensuring the material on the website is factual and we request your assistance in getting it up-to-date.  

Please take the time to walk through all of the pages on the website and provide us with your feedback. The tabs in the “About Us” page include:

  1. History

  2. Honour Roll

  3. Membership

  4. Newsletters

  5. Photo Gallery

The Membership tab provides a “Roll Call” section that lists all the personnel who served in 101 Battery deployments. If you are a current financial Member or you wish to join the 101 Battery Association there is both an “Online Application” and a hardcopy “Application Form” that can be downloaded and completed and sent to the Executive.  It will be necessary for existing financial Members of the Association to complete an application as we need you to agree to your personal information being included on the website (Privacy Act. Requirement).

After you have submitted either the on-line form or the hardcopy faxed or posted to the Secretary or Treasurer and your financial position is established your name will be included on the Membership Roll with your Contact information.

It is our intention to develop an extensive “Photo Gallery” of your time in Vietnam initially separated by 1st and 2nd Tours of duty. If there is a requirement we will provide a separate “Tab” for Malaya or any other tours of duty by 101 Battery personnel.

To ensure our email accounts are not overwhelmed by receiving photographs and there are pictures without context lodged on the website we request “101 Battery Association Members” initially send up to five (5) photographs (.JPG) format with a caption detailing the people in the photograph, and any description of the event and the approximate date. We will further develop the photo gallery to include more photographs and any reunions over the past 40 plus years.

We wish to acknowledge the hosting of the “101 Battery Association” website by the “Australian Artillery Association” website and their “tireless” website administrator “Graham Hampton” for his direction and effort in posting the information.  It goes without saying that the website launch would not have been possible without Graham Hampton and the information provided by Jim Booth.

In summary please:

  1. Review the website and advise of any errors/omissions/ oversights.

  2. If you know of any 101 Battery personnel that don’t have Internet access to the website, please provide them with the contact information or let the Secretary know how they can be contacted.

  3. Please lodge an application to become a Member of the 101 Battery Association for $10 per annum or $101 for a Life Membership. Be quick the value of Life Membership is diminishing each year!

  4. Dig out your photographs and have them converted to JPG format for inclusion on the website.

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