eNewsletter September 2017

From the President’s Chair. G’day Fellow members, As usual I am sad to say that we have lost another two members, both are from the Malayan Emergency era, and they are; David Harris and Joe Rouse. There is a report on these two members in the newsletter and the committee’s condolences go to the families of these two members. Another ex-Gunner who has passed away and a lot of people knew him is Bennett-Burleigh, I think Ben was 91 when he passed. The new amendments were passed at our extraordinary General Meeting, and these will become law when they are passed by the Dept. of Fair Trading. We had eleven members present and five proxies in favour of the amendments; this gave us sixteen for the amendments and nil against. This gave us a quorum to proceed with the vote. The new rule 4 (1) (a) will read: Ordinary Member – Ordinary Membership shall be to a person who has served in ‘A’ Battery RRAA and to immediate relatives of ex and serving members of ‘A’ Battery RRAA, who make written application, pays the annual membership subscription fee and is accepted by the committee of management. A membership badge shall be issued in the first year. The new rule 4 (1) (e) will read: Associate Membership – Associate Membership shall be available to anyone who is interested in preserving the history of ‘A’ Battery RRAA, which was raised on the 1st August 1871 as part of the N.S.W. regular defences, and is still serving as part of the Australian Regular Army. The Annual General Meeting and Reunion is getting closer and at this stage the numbers are very poor, if we do not get enough interest, then I will cancel it. Being an Incorporated Body, we must have an AGM within six months of the end of the financial year. Details of the Annual General meeting and reunion are in this newsletter, surprise me and make an effort to come along and enjoy yourself, also I extend an invitation to all ‘A’ Battery members to attend. Gentlemen, I am sick and tired of you members sitting on your hands, doing nothing, not wanting to take on positions on the committee, Malayan members doing their own thing, Vietnam members doing their own thing, eighties/nineties doing their own thing, incidentally, of the fifteen members who joined in 2015, only one has renewed his membership. I suppose the Afghanistan members will want to do their own thing. I thought there was only one ‘A’ Bty association and this was for all members who have served or are still serving with the Bty. We have a member who was on the committee, but due to a lack of attendance is no longer a committee member and he has the association property illegally. He must hand the property over to the property officer. I am not writing a President’s Report this year, as I and the Treasurer wrote our resignation reports last year, I turned eighty last December and Bob Cunningham turns eighty this year and I think it is time younger people took up the reins, if no one wants the committee positions, then I will have no hesitation in shutting the association down, I have been President for fifteen years and I can’t keep on going, nor can Bob. If the ‘A’ Bty Assn closes, then this will be a crying shame as ‘A’ Bty turns one hundred & forty seven on the first of August. I hope there are a great number of members who will take what I have said, on board and act. Ron (Tex) Bassan.