eNewsletter September 2017

12 Field Regiment (Vietnam) Association is a Branch of RAA (NSW) Association Inc The Association ABN is 90 248 586 329. However, the Association is not registered for GST and is Tax-exempt President: Mr. Donald Tait 21 Ampitheatre Circuit Baulkham Hills NSW 2153 Ph: (02) 98387286 Email: dmt63@ozemail.com.au Vice President: Mr. Graham Floyd PATRON: 39 Mitchell Street Lt Col Fr John Tinkler (RL) Ouyen Vic 3490 Ph: (03) 50921045 Email: 12fdregtraa@gmail.com 12 Field Regiment (Vietnam) Association INFORMATION BULLETIN No. 63 5 th September 2017 1. Financial Year 2016-2017 Treasurer’s Report: Our financial year ended on 31 st August. As usual, our very efficient and capable Treasurer John Beer has prepared a comprehensive set of accounts. As soon as they are signed off by our Auditors, I will send you all a copy. You’ll see that the Association is well-off for funds and in a healthy financial position. Unfortunately though, as for all organisations managed by Vietnam veterans, we are struggling to find members willing to put in the time and effort, and take the responsibility to manage the association. Our recent plea for members to nominate for the key roles of Treasurer and Secretary have not resulted in any names, so the current committee really has no choice but to explore the possibility that the Association may have to be wound up. More about this later. 2. National Recognition of the 50 th Anniversary of Coral/Balmoral: Warning Order! Most of us Coral blokes, especially the ones who were at the DVA Canberra function for the 40 th anniversary in 2008, have been wondering for some time whether a similar government-sponsored even will be held next year for the 50 th anniversary. Ian Ahearn has been the arty representative on a committee established at federal level up to explore this idea and has sent us this heads-up. Thanks Trevor, I think you should send out a warning order that there will be a National Commemoration in Canberra on 13 May 2018 and that it will involve (at the minimum) a memorial service and a government reception. Pencil it in. I will keep you in the loop and your kind offer to liaise is gratefully accepted. Regards, Ian 3. RAAA National Gunner Dinner for 2019: The RAAA has already announced arrangements for their 2019 Dinner which will be held on Saturday 24 th August. Those who attended this year’s event had a great time. So, mark it in your diaries. You can’t complain that you didn’t get enough notice……… Secretary: Mr. Trevor Bryant 28 Ironbark Avenue Flagstaff Hill SA 5159 Ph: (08) 82707130 Email: trevjeanbryant@gmail.com Treasurer: Mr. John Beer 81 Fawcett Street Glenfield NSW 2167 Ph: (02) 9605 8493 Email: jbe51622@bigpond.net.au