eNewsletter September 2017

Newsletter © 2016 - Australian Artillery Association - All Rights Reserved COPYRIGHT | DISCLAIMER/LIABILITY | PRIVACY webmaster@australianartilleryassociation.com Welcome 2017 is proving to be a hectic year. You may have noticed that the Australian Artillery Association (AAA) has yet another Patron, being the current Head of Regiment (HOR) Brigadier Craig D. Furini AM, CSC. We now have two exemplary Gunners, one in-service managing an extremely busy career and the other equally busy managing retirement. We most heartedly welcome the HOR amongst our number and look forward to the guidance and advice from both of these august gentlemen. The National Gunner Dinner in May still is a strong talking point amongst the Gunner community and to maintain the spirit and momentum we are already in the throes of organising the next National Gunner Dinner for August 2019, five years since our first big Gathering of Gunners. Those who attended the last Dinner may have noticed that we had a number of related but non-Gunners associates and friends amongst our number (other than our enduring spouses) who also stated that they had a great time and were extremely impressed. I believe that the way we Gunners interact has given them a lot to take away, reflect upon and possibly emulate. Our Kiwi Gunner brethren have moved their AGM and Annual Reunion to an earlier date this year having the Formal Dinner on Sat 30 Sep 17 at Camp Linton at Palmerston North NZ. Once again, a contingent from the AAA will be in attendance to add couth and culture to our Mates on the East Island. After the reunion section of our visit we take the opportunity to see the country by taking, what they refer to as a Tiki Tour – we would call it going walkabout. Amongst our number will be three new Aussie Gunners and I feel sure that they will have a tale or two to recall upon return to our sunny shores. The AAA currently has a couple of projects on the go and we also have concepts that may or may not come to fruition however, if they do, then they will have a very positive effect on the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery as a whole. More news later as it comes to hand. As always, I add a note of appreciation to the fine administrative work and continued dedication that Graham Hampton provides to us all. These eNewsletters are a prime example. As we head into the warmer months and head towards Christmas I wish one and all safe journeys and the best of health and happiness. Ubique - Kim New Members On behalf of the Committee and Members of the Australian Artillery Association we warmly welcome the following new members to the Association who have joined since the publication of the last eNewsletter in June 2016: Ms Megan Leigh Hammond Mr Mark F. Brandtman Mr Douglas Reginald Parker Mr Jeffrey John Gay Mr Charles William Monk Mr Robert Andrew Clark