eNewsletter September 2017

RAA Liaison Letter 2017 – Autumn Edition 54 BIG SKY PUBLISHING Incentive Prize Big Sky Publishing provides Head of Regiment & the Regimental Committee incentive prizes to encourage individuals to contribute to the Liaison Letter. The prize(s) are awarded by the Editor. I am pleased to announce the prize for this edition is awarded to Captain Jacob Beale from the DJFHQ JFECC at Headquarters 1st Division. He will receive a copy of ‘Allenby’s Gunners: Artillery in the Sinai & Palestine Campaigns 1916 – 1918’ by Alan H Smith for his professional paper on ‘Artillery Tactical Tasks’ . I look forward to receiving more quality contribution from across the Regiment for future editions. I would like to acknowledge and thank Big Sky Publishing for their continuing support and encourage readers, especially those interested in Australian Military history to visit www.bigskypublishing.com.au or the military section of your local bookshop. Practice Makes Perfect Sgt Dave Morley Army, The Soldiers’ Newspaper , June 1, 2017 Bdr Nick Latham, of 1RTB, is carried by fellow soldiers to receive the Champion Shot of the Army award Proving the adage ‘practice makes perfect’, 1RTB recruit instructor Bdr Nick Latham walked away from his fourth AASAM competition with the title of Champion Shot of the Army. Bdr Latham, who came fifth domestically and 29th internationally last year, said taking out first place was a “little bit of a surprise”. “There have been some slight modifications and changes with the way they handle these shoots, which might have worked in my favour a bit,” he said. “This is my fourth year in a row and I’m definitely looking forward to coming back next year, although it’ll be a fight to achieve a better result than I’ve got now. “I reckon I could have done better if I’d had more lead-up time but, being posted to Kapooka, it’s always pretty hard to find time for lead-up training. “In terms of that, though, I think I’ve done the best I could to prepare myself once arriving here.” Bdr Latham said he enjoyed coming back to AASAM and reuniting with the teams. “It’s always good to meet the shooters from the 20 or so countries competing, not to mention the current weapon systems they’re employing, and to see their combat tactics,” he said. “I’m happy with how the competition was run , although it can be challenging at times, especially when it comes to the international competitions and the language barriers. “The staff are always good and handy, so it was a good competition.”