eNewsletter September 2017

AUSTRALIAN ARMY School ofArtillery Admin Instruction 16366756 See distribution ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION - ROYAL AUSTRALIAN ARTILLERY 2017 WARRANT OFFICER AND SENIOR NON COMMISSIONED OFFICER FAREWELLS Introduction 1. The Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery (RAA) Sergeants Mess will conduct the annual RAA WO/SNCO Farewells at the Bridges Barracks Sergeants Mess (BBSM), School of Artillery (SOArty), Puckapunyal during the period 10-11 Nov 17, IAW RAA Standing Orders. Aim 2. The aim of this instruction is to detail the coordination requirements, administration, support arrangements, and responsibilities for this event. Sequence of events 3. The RAA 2017 WO/SNCO farewells will consist of two events a BBSM scheduled happy hour on 10 Nov 17 and the RAA WO/SNCO farewells function on 11 Nov 17. A detailed RAA WO/SNCO farewells sequence of events is at Annex A. Farewelled members 4. The followingmembers are scheduled to be farewelled from the RAA in 2017: a. WO 1 Mark Clayton (Red) - 33 years b. W02 Dave Warren (Wazza) - 30 years c. WO 1 Craig Clifford (Cliffo) - 29 years d. WO 1 Brendan Mclntyre (Boof) - 28 years e. WO 1 James Quinn (Bargo) - 28 years f. WO 1 Shaun Graham - (Narly) 27 years Key appointments and contact details 5. The key appointments for the RAA WO/SNCO farewells are: a. b. RMG - W01 DT McGarry, email: david. mcgarry@defence. gov. au; phone: 03 5735 6464; or 0428 691 558 Treasurer and presentations member - SGT Rowan Temple, email: rowan. temple@defence. gov. au; phone: 03 5735 7064; or 0408 17 3300.